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Posted by: Joe Conneely
Date/Time: 05/10/15 17:43:00

Sadly Rima for most of Savile's victims little can be done as given the period of his activities stretched from 1950s to 1990s when the lasting damage was inflicted, addressing the after effects at this late stage achieves little.

I think rather than damages, apologies even belatedly would mean a lot more to the victims (that was the main reason some victims in the blocked Newsweek programme came forward) but given the UK legal system considers such actions as admissions of guilt, I suspect the legal advice will be to not even offer this.

Also as you rightly state the BBC was not the only culprit as the book I mentioned makes very clear. There were many in those culpable organisations including medical staff and police who did raise questions or made reports but were ignored or blocked by superiors based on the evidence.

Given Murdoch's and News International subsequent actions and general behaviour around other events, I do find the proposition they are better led organisations than the BBC risible.

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