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Posted by: Paul Corcoran
Date/Time: 09/09/15 09:40:00

In my view the self defence argument is extremely weak.

Reyaad Khan may have been encouraging young British Muslims to join him in Raqqa. If this makes you a target for extra-judicial execution then am I at risk when in saying that I would encourage any person who harbours a hatred of our way of life and a desire to establish an Islamic Caliphate to get on the next plane to Turkey?

It is illogical to argue that Reyaad Khan posed any realistic threat to the UK in a state which is surrounded by hostile forces and has limited communication with the outside world. He may have been cheerleading for mass murder but any ISIL inspired attacks will be planned and executed by people based here. Our best protection against these sort of people is to ease their passage to the Middle East.

This is not an act of self defence but an act of news management to try and get pictures of Aylan Kurdi off the front pages and replace it with those of Reyaad Khan.

To be clear, I don't mourn the three ISIS fighters and think the planet is better off with them vapourised. The nonsense of British policy which forbids missions in Syria but allows them to be undertaken in Iraq needs to be ended. Britain's military strategy should be guided by a the objective of aiding the forces fighting ISIS rather than domestic media management.

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