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Posted by: Joe Conneely
Date/Time: 08/09/15 16:32:00

There is very little that was said by Cameron that has not been heard off US politicians on the issue of use of drones, except they do not apply a test of being a US citizen, simply a threat to the USA (based on their personally established criteria).

The deeper issue is I suspect Cameron is not telling the full story. The US approach on using drones is covered in mystery and lack of facts - Obama (under whom their use has mushroomed) has claimed he personally signs off on every drone attack but there is no official record of how many such attacks have occurred.

Alongside that one of the contributory reasons the USA is despised locally is the numbers of innocent persons that have been killed by such attacks especially in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Like "smart bombs" the sad facts are that such armaments are not infallible, not least due to operator error.

This is a method and approach to a much deeper problem that is ill thought out and the operation and consequence has not been properly and fully debated. As with Cameron's desire to go and bomb Syria in the same way he wanted to bomb in Libya (and does not want to accept the consequences), prime ministers who talk tough but do not like accountability are a danger to democracy as Blair's use of WMD as the logic for participation in the Iraq conflict sadly showed.

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