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Posted by: Jim Lawes
Date/Time: 27/08/15 00:07:00

I studied for the Institute of Personnel Management  exams some 50 years ago when things were much simpler but still wide-ranging.

Many students I met were already working for the big retail stores and or in Engineering companies. There was much interest in training (the old Industrial Training Act), Labour Relations covering pay and benefits and thework of the Prices and Incomes Board.  Most students already had an interest in specific aspects of HR and PM and that is a good starting point.

In later years an understanding of the legal aspects of employment became more important and in some ways was a headache and needed a PHD in some matters (like Equal Pay law) to get by.

Trying to digest the whole spectrum of HR must these days be a nightmare.
Your own communication skills and demeanor are most important before embarking on such a career path.

How can this posting ever be of help... but it might!

I found the Psychology studies impossible...but I still managed to pass witha *

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