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Topic: Re:CIPD Course
Posted by: Phil Kay
Date/Time: 26/08/15 14:26:00

Hi Manuela - I've studied an academic HR course with the Open University and, at the start, I found it very similar to your description.

Looking back on it, I think the issue was that proponents of HR are so eager to prove that it has moved on from "Personnel", that they start with this argument, rather than what the whole area is about.

HR within an organisation try to maintain a strategic outlook, ensuring that new recruits fit the needs of the organisation and that policies exist to ensure that corporate objectives are met.

In fact though, this may be part of the truth, managers still need help with, for example, how to run appraisals and deal with sick absence, etc.  So, especially in large organisations, you end up with "HR Partners", acting as consultants but never getting their hands dirty.  Most managers I talk to believe that HR exists to protect their company from its employees.

Have you got a background in this field or just an interest?  I find that, unless I have a detailed understanding of the context of a subject, it takes me an incredibly long time to engage with it fully.

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