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Topic: Re:Re:Re:CIPD Course
Posted by: Phil Kay
Date/Time: 26/08/15 15:16:00

Hi Manuela

Are you generally positive about new study courses?  I find that I'm always worried I won't cope when first starting but then it slowly begins to make sense.

Have you been allocated a tutor or supervisor or some sort of support person who you could call to get some reassurance or point you in the right direction?

From what I've seen online, the professional map tries to show what the best / most successful HR people and organisations are doing in the UK now:

10 professional areas:

1. Insights, Strategy and Solutions
2. Leading HR
3. Organisation Design
4. Organisation Development
5. Resourcing and Talent Planning
6. Learning and Development
7. Performance and Reward
8. Employee Engagement
9. Employee Relations
10. Service Delivery and Information

8 behaviours:

1. Curious
2. Decisive Thinker
3. Skilled Influencer
4. Personally Credible
5. Collaborative
6. Driven to Deliver
7. Courage to Challenge
8. Role Model

4 bands - from Band 1 at the start of an HR career through to Band 4 for the most senior leaders.

Is the assignment asking you to place yourself on the map and assess your career to date and aspirations?

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