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Posted by: Dan Murphy
Date/Time: 23/08/15 11:01:00

"How can the government intervene in a private business?"

One way they can do this is through the OFT, Trades Descriptions, and so on.

If a restaurant sells a steak for 20, and I choose to pay that, it's fine. But if they advertise it for 18, and I give the waitress a 2 tip, but the company then takes that "to cover their operating costs and bump up staff wages", then this is misrepresentation. They are advertising a steak for 18 but secretly charging a further 2 that I didn't know about.

Extensive coverage on this issue in the Sunday press. Some restaurants are also insisting that waiting staff hand over all their personal cash tips at the end of the evening to go into a common pot.

Also examples of restaurants charging waiting staff a fixed % of their table sales, to be handed over to the company each week. If they haven't made enough tips to cover this, it comes out of their hourly wages (6.50 an hour in many cases).

I am not a lawyer, but all this smacks of misrepresentation, even if it's not technically illegal or a breach of employment regulations. But it does seem like sailing close to the wind.

And it should be stopped.

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