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Posted by: Dan Murphy
Date/Time: 21/08/15 15:31:00

David, you remind me.

Many years ago I read a story regarding some research that had been carried out into Hitler's private life. I don't know how anyone found out, but apparently it came to light the he used to, er, "sprinkle" his ladies after the games were over. Heaven only knows how anyone knew that, and survived to share it.

However, this distasteful information somehow came to light. Some elderly lady was asked her opinion on this revelation and gave the wonderful answer "Ooohh, you know the more I find out about that Hitler, the less I like him".

Regarding Caring, he recently had to admit that he took out 2 million in CASH from a bank (cashpoint? How long would that take??), to avoid anyone finding out about the person he was paying the money to.

And all the banking oversight bodies, the supervisors, the people who are supposed to stop this sort of outrageous stuff happening, looked on and said "Hmmm, seems reasonable to us. Carry on".

Whereas I have spent the last 3 months trying to get a reasonably small loan, to carry out some much needed refurbishment on the house. I cannot tell you how many phone calls, forms, and investigations into every last penny I spend, I have had to endure.

But Caring can waft into a bank, fill a swag bag with 2m, and waft out again. No questions asked. Of course.

Philip Green pays himself (or his wife) a 1.5bn dividend, pays it into his wife's account in Monaco, pays no UK tax on it, and nobody says a word. In fact, he got knighted for "services to retail". Different world.

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