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Topic: Re:Staff Tips
Posted by: Dan Murphy
Date/Time: 21/08/15 13:14:00

"A spokesperson for Côte said: “At Cote the optional service charge is used to increase the pay of all staff above market standard. Whereas the base salary would typically be £6.50 per hour, we  pay more like £7.50-8.00 per hour through using the service charge. This applies to all staff, as service is a team effort”

This is outrageous. When we give a tip to serving staff, we are giving it because they were a great waiter / waitress. We are NOT contributing to Cote's general operating costs, so that they can pay the chef etc. a decent wage.

And by telling staff to LIE to us if we ask the direct question, it makes me fume that they are taking us for such suckers.

This is why Richard Caring lives in one of the most expensive private houses in the UK (the most expensive?); why he can afford to buy anything he fancies (Wentworth Golf Club, the Ivy Restaurants, Annabel's nightclub...), and why he gets on so well with that other paragon of social justice, Philip Green.

I must say, I have tried to avoid eating in any of Caring's restaurants for years now (for this very reason), but it is becoming increasingly difficult.

If the waitress is not getting my tip, I would point blank refuse to pay it. They shouldn't be getting away with it.

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