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Posted by: Rima Jones
Date/Time: 17/07/15 14:58:00

Davis recommended a third runway knowing very well that by the time it was built it would be inadequate and therefore a second would be needed at Gatwick. He has vested interests in both with RBS.
Heathrow can't happen because it already breaches air pollution levels and the Green Party have installed 32 air monitors in Brentford for analysis at UCL with the results by September saying that Hounslow could become Britains capital of respiratory disease.
An Estuary Airport would be largely self funded by overseas investors and would be cheaper and quicker to build with far less disruption and with further capacity if needed in the future.
It would also be safer. We haven't forgotten 7/7 or 9/11 and crashes in Indonesia etc. and the oceans have the ability to absorb Co2.
Boris and Norman Foster, the architect who is very experienced with airports, knew all this years ago.
Diane Scott, Green Party by-election candidate says that she is very concerned at decisions taken only in the interest of business and profit that disregard the consequences on thousands of people in West London and shame on LBH for its u-turn.
A "Better not bigger Heathrow" now seems to have turned into "A bigger and better Heathrow".
It was obvious what needed to happen years ago. Why was it kicked into the long grass?

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