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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Estuary airport
Posted by: Alison Neary
Date/Time: 17/07/15 14:12:00

To be fair seeing as they already fly at 4am what is the point of stopping them over night.
I have got used to them and get woken up by birds at my window rather than planes I'm more annoyed by planes in the day.

Secondly the air quality will improve when they get a ban on diesel cars which is unfair for the drivers seeing as Labour pushed people to buy them as they were cleaner than petrol, what a joke.

As for traffic to Heathrow wherever the runway goes and it will go somewhere (they will not build the estuary airport it's a great idea but too much money without the return) the traffic will also go there. Heathrow has better public transport links than Gatwick with trains and tubes (if I go to Gatwick I drive if I go to Heathrow I get a tube) so the traffic impact will be less at Heathrow than Gatwick.

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