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Topic: Re:Re:Estuary airport
Posted by: Claire Moran
Date/Time: 17/07/15 13:55:00

Heathrow is going to be a problematic choice for the government as the airport has already admitted it can't guarantee two of the Davies report stipulations - no night flights (as I have said on here before Britain can't dictate permanently to the rest of the world what time their aircraft take off and land and to have them circling until 6 am would be unacceptable) and it can't commit that it won't build a fourth runway (I bet they would have done and banked on the government caving in as it may do over a third after successive governments have promised not to had Davies not specified a commitment not to build a fourth runway should be enshrined in law). 

There is also the little problem that as long as we are in the EU we are already way over the legal limit for safe air quality (a report yesterday found that thousands more Londoners than previously thought are dying early because of poor air quality) and that will become so much worse because of emissions from aircraft and from the added volume of traffic going to Heathrow.

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