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Topic: Re: Plan B...
Posted by: Stuart Kerr
Date/Time: 02/07/15 16:28:00

Plan B....

Vast chunks of the BBC would be surgically removed under the strict supervision of me and various mates from down the pub..

In a massive one hour operation (with no anaesthetic) out would go Radios 1,2,5and 6 plus all regional programming inc TV. Eastenders would be blown-up by a 50 megaton WW2 bomb belatedly detonated beneath the Queen Vic. Neighbours and all similar programmes would be strung-up around Shepherd's Bush and left to suffer a slow death.

Thousands of managerial posts would be axed overnight and replaced by creatives.  All references to social media (especially Twitter) would be banned and nobody would be allowed to consider audience figures ever again on the basis that dear old Joe Soap Public never had much taste in the first place..

With the vast money saved, test cricket would be guaranteed 'free to air' for a thousand years. There'd be lots of original drama and comedy, an even stronger news and current affairs dept and things like gardening programmes would flourish. Papal decrees and encyclicals would continue as usual (but with a watershed)....


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