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Posted by: Adrian Irving
Date/Time: 02/07/15 15:30:00

ĎA family of 12 from Luton, including a baby and two grandparents, is feared to have travelled to Syria after going missing.í

Above is one of their recent headlines. Feared? Feared by who? Not me thatísí for sure.

If they hold radical views and want to go to Syria I am happy for them to leave† never to come back and I suspect the vast majority people feel the same way even if we are influenced by the BBC not to think this.

Whilst having a rant, why does the BBC weather man/woman feel he /she has to tell us to Ďtake careí when there is a thunderstorm somewhere.?

Do they think people are going to dance naked in an open field whilst waving a steel rod in the air?

Itís annoying.

Maybe itís me but I find the whole tone of the BBC seems to be changing for the worse, much like the drivel they often churn out.

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