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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Greece - Bail or fail
Posted by: Adrian Irving
Date/Time: 16/06/15 10:24:00

Blame the Greeks?

What about the idiots that lent them the money?

Itís all very well us going tut tut lazy Greeks but itís not so long ago us Brits, as individuals, were borrowing well beyond our means resulting in mass repossessions, bankruptcyís and all that goes with irresponsible lending by the banks. They were so desperate to lend money I used to get managers ring me up to see if† I could send them a mortgage case. Four or five times income, no problem.

I have a client that is in the process of suing his bank on the basis they irresponsibly lent him more than he could handle. Personally I hope he wins.

I realise it takes two to tango but itís time the bankers employed a few people with a shred of common sense.

When the Greeks default no doubt the banks and pension companies will use it as an excuse to shaft the rest of us AGAIN as God forbid they should have to pay!† 

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