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Topic: Re:Parakeets & bird feeders
Posted by: Liz Combes
Date/Time: 10/05/15 21:55:00

Amber, you need to get my slightly unattractive but efficient cages - the more tenacious squirrels can get at a little of the food, ditto the parakeets, but they have to try very hard and don't get much and its fun to watch.  You can also put a plastic plant pot tray on the bottom to catch the fallout, depriving the pigeons of easy food, (though unfortunately that does include blackbirds and dunnocks). And I also put mealworm in the tray for the robins. The only small birds that don't seem to like the cages are the goldfinches, but then the niger seeds don't seem to be so much of a draw for the pests as far as I can see.

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