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Topic: Parakeets & bird feeders
Posted by: Amber In der Rieden
Date/Time: 09/05/15 23:05:00

We have a number of bird feeders in the garden & until a few days ago these were always busy with a wide variety of birds. Unfortunately a few days ago two parakeets started visiting our garden & they have emptied everything - something that usually takes a good two weeks at least by the smaller birds. The parakeets make a huge mess so now we suddenly also have pigeons visiting. All the smaller birds have disappeared over the last few days, so I need to find a way to deter the parakeets.

I have ordered a squirrel buster feeder, which may help a little and I know of a motorised dome from which you hang a feeder, which then spins around for 20seconds after a squirrel has landed on it - but not sure about the latter.

Have at of you had this problem or have you any helpful tips to share?
Thank you.

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