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Topic: Re:Parakeets & bird feeders
Posted by: Delilah Hall
Date/Time: 10/05/15 00:03:00

We do not have parakeets but we do have carrion crows, jackdaws and pigeons in their hordes attacking the feeders.

As we have many nesting small garden birds, we have bought some 'caged' feeders - these have an outer lattice work frame which allows only the smallest birds to get inside to the actual feeder. Nothing larger than a coal tit can get in.

We found the larger birds soon realised they could not get to the food and they now leave these feeders alone. It took them just a couple of days to learn this. They concentrate on the others (we have about 16 different feeders) and I admit I do spend a great deal of time clapping my hands at them.

We also have a bird scarer (a kite shaped as a bird of prey flying from a 5 metre carbon fibre pole) - it does work but it cannot be flown in high winds. The small birds take no notice of it but the bigger birds are very wary. We use it also to protect our animals from the buzzards which circle overhead at times.

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