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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Positive Campaigning
Posted by: Shelagh Lafferty
Date/Time: 06/05/15 15:57:00

Mr Mayes - I am a No Voter and firm supporter of the Union. I have come close to losing friendships over it. However, I believe in the democratic process and everyone has a right to freedom of speech. Your comments remind me of Mr Powell's Rivers of Blood Speech in wanting to  'send me back', but you do amuse me so carry on with your xenophobia.  It's the kind rhetoric that actually invokes the Scots to demonstrate through the ballot box but you and the Daily Mail fail to see any correlation.  I don't have to live somewhere to agree or disagree with the politics of a country. With a British passport apparently I can live anywhere in the EU - Romania, Bulgaria perhaps?  I here they have a skills shortage due to half the population being here in the UK.

Huw - 30,000 skilled workers lost their jobs when Riftkind and Forsyth literally sold them down the river to shore up votes in Devonport.  What was ironic was that Rosyth was a Submarine re-fit yard with little experience of Surface Ship re-fitting and Devonshire had no experience of submarines.  Seems a bit odd to me, especially as the Tory Government seemed to think it was ok to build a dry dock for nuclear submarines in an area known to be subject to tremors due to fault lines in the base rock. But hey ho, I am sure it was done for the best of reasons.  I was there at the time and the devastation on the local community and businesses, so please do not lecture me on the economics of Fife.

We live in interesting times ...

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