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Topic: Re:Re:CPIH rental increase calculation?
Posted by: Rob Brown
Date/Time: 27/04/15 21:16:00

Hi Robin, thank you for your response!

Just to clarify - the ONS did not comment on the contents of my rental contract - the person I spoke with shared an informed opinion about how their official data can be understood and then correctly used as intended by ONS.

This is especially relevant to me as an ordinary non-legal/non-statistics person disagreeing with an agent who provided "simple percent" examples and then "last moment" changed the method and is now attempting to intimidate me.

The ONS web site has detailed information on "Method 1 - simple percentage formula" or "Method 2 - more complex", "Method 3 even more complex..." and more: but clearly the web site (and the person I spoke with) states that whatever method is chosen, it should be properly documented in the contract. Which it happens not to be in my contract.

It's not clear to me what "normal" CPIH-based increases look like in Chiswick and hence my forum posting - previously "simple percentage formula" is all I was aware of when I lived in other areas.

Thank you for the 0.3197% specificity - does mean that going to this level of statistically correct (6 digits) is normal in Chiswick?

Experiences sought please!

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