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Topic: CPIH rental increase calculation?
Posted by: Rob Brown
Date/Time: 26/04/15 14:33:00

Hi, I am looking for a some local advice

I rented a property in Chiswick a year ago with a clause for annual increase based on the Office of National Statistics' stated amount for CPIH. For the month in question, the ONS has published the amount as 0.3%

Previously when I have contracted for annual increases, the standard percentage method was used: base + (base * %)

Just before the new amount was due, the agent used a different formula of base * month-of-2015/month-of-2014 which amounts currently to a higher amount than the standard method.

I contacted the ONS for their advice and they informed me that the agent is wrong.
The agent says I am wrong - and now I am in arrears!

How do agents in Chiswick normally calculate CPIH (or similar) rental increases?
Does anyone have advice how I can settle this with the agent?



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