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Posted by: Richard Jennings
Date/Time: 25/04/15 18:06:00

"My point is that it looks to me as if all that's needed to be done - apart from moving the box a meter or so sideways - is to extend the existing pipe from the street by the same amount."

That would need to be done below ground, so some excavation would be needed. I don't know what's involved in shutting off the supply before they re-route the service pipe.

National Grid has a standard charge of 1327 + VAT in London for up to 5 metres of service pipe re-routing. That includes moving the meter and carrying out up to 3 metres of related internal pipework changes.

The charges are detailed in a document at (see section 4 on page 6).
There are ways of reducing the cost, e.g. 33% off if you dig the trench yourself (provided they think you're competent to dig near gas pipes). I note that the London charges are 2 or 3 times those for other parts of the country.

However they mention that service pipe alterations are open to competition, and that an Independent Connection Provider (ICP) can do the job. If you Google for "gas connections" you may find some suitable companies.

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