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Topic: Re:Cats -The Truth
Posted by: Charlotte Kasner
Date/Time: 22/04/15 12:06:00

What a lot of anthropomorphic tosh. We have domesticated the cat and made it largely dependent on us, even if that means scavenging rather than living directly with us. It is however still feline. Another species.

The behaviours that cats exhibit are genetic and conditioned and affected by the proximity of other species, including humans, and by artificial selection.

Cats are incapable of regarding humans or anything else as inferior or superior or cruel or manipulative as they are not neurologically capable of theory of mind. They are capable of learning and do indeed possess a rich emotional repertoire according to their species. Some of their learning includes adapting to living with humans, often in spite of the way that we treat them. 

If you truly want to learn important lessons from cats, then you have to start treating them as cats and not furry sub-humans.

Ditto, the dog, horse, cow, small furry, reptile, bird, fish etc etc

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