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Topic: Cats -The Truth
Posted by: Ben Gemmingen
Date/Time: 21/04/15 10:31:00

Do cats look down on their human owners? The unfortunate answer is undoubtedly yes. They find us barely tolerable and hate our noises and smells and habits. This contempt they show by monopolizing the house when weíre away and hiding when weíre home. As a species, they harbor an unearned superiority complex which puts them on a pedestal you could never hope of achieving. They draw no connection between the comfort of the home and the work you, as a human, must put in to achieving such a sanctuary. They simply despise your presence and if wasnít for your ability to feed them, they could care less about you.

The most surprising element of a catís emotional intelligence is that they do not think enough of the human species to even bother hating them. They feel so incredibly superior that youíre barely a blip in their existence. At best, youíre something warm to scratch in the night and something obnoxious to avoid in the daytime. Many humans have yet to realize this and indeed, the cat plays the game quite well. Not only is he a cruel creature, but also a manipulative one. Generations of owners continue to fall for these masterful tricks.

The important lesson we need to learn today is that while feline emotionality is rich, when itís directed at humans, itís almost exclusively negative. It ranges from contempt to indifference, with a heavy layer of condescension. No, your cat most certainly does not love you.

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