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Topic: Re:Re:Vodafone CHR
Posted by: Adam Beamish
Date/Time: 21/04/15 20:40:00

Don't get me started on Vodafone - I recently swapped from O2 to Vodafone, having been very happy with O2 over the last 12 years, purely because of a new customer deal with a 110 Quidco cashback.

Phone arrived on Friday, but I received nothing to tell me what the number was. No signal, fair enough I presumed the SIM needs activating, ring Vodafone, 20 minute wait only to be told they had a system fault and couldn't help. Called again Saturday, guy tells me now we've spoken it's just a case of waiting for the SIM to be activated...which finally happened this morning, over 72 hours later and after several chasing calls to Vodafone's useless customer services.

Just wandering around at home tonight the signal is extremely weak compared to my current O2 phone, and I had 2 calls drop out on me whilst walking about at home.

Can't face being tied into a contract with such a useless company for 2 years, returning phone tomorrow and sticking with O2, whom I now only appreciate even more than I always have done.

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