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Posted by: bobby osborne
Date/Time: 16/04/15 18:08:00

Type 2 Diabetes is not so much a disease as a dietary disorder.
Doctor's are suspicious of ketosis and have even advised patients to follow a low fat (without distinguishing between saturated and vital fat) and high carb diet. This goes against all common sense and evolutionary wisdom.

Palaeolithic man and hunter gatherers survived for millions of years on a ketonic diet before the agricultural revolution. Masai and Inuit tribes to this day have no incidence of diabetes and they eat nary a carb. Our bodies are designed to only process small amounts of carbohydrates.

Asians have have higher incidences of type 2 diabetes for 2 reasons.
1.Their diet is based on starchy rice which like pasta has zero nutritional value and overconsumption leads to all the usual medical problems associated with excessive carb intake.
2. Asians coming to the West adopt other bad dietary habits such as consuming too many over processed foods ie genetically modified wheat and pasteurised dairy that is loaded with salt and sugar. Better to eat native with their wonderful fruits and vegetables.

so Asians get the worst of both worlds!

There is lots of research about this on the internet and the problems are even worse in the USA with the obesity levels of immigrant Hispanics and other immigrants.

It will all come out eventually but at the moment there is too much vested interest to give people the correct information about nutrition.

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