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Topic: Re:Diabetic Foods
Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 16/04/15 09:45:00

Loraine, for some reason, most food prducers seem to think putting sugar/glucose/fructose, and any other type of sugar into foods is essential.It isn't.I was surprised to see that even M&S roast chicken has an unhealthy dose of sugar added to it.I presume that's to give it it's deep brown colour.Unfortunately you will find added sugar in most ready meals.As I've said before, please don't buy foods labelled as 'Diabetic'food.It will contain Sorbitol in place of sugar, and too much of that will see you making regular visits to the loo.There is no need to avoid all sugar, choose low sugar options.A couple of years down the line you will find your food tastes will have changed.You will no longer like sweet things, or crave them (except if you are hypo).It takes a while, but you will eventually learn what foods you should, and shouldn't eat without reading all the labels.It is recommended that diabetics just follow what is considered to be a normal healthy diet, and that will be fine for you to without going out of your way to cut out the sugar.I have just had chilled fresh pineapple for brekkie, delicious, and Sainsbury's are selling whole fresh pineapples for 1.Try something like that.As long as you get a ripe one, they are sweet and juicy without overloading on raw sugar.I afraid it will be a case of trial and error.There is no quick fix.

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