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Topic: Damaging trees in Strand
Posted by: Helle Kaiser
Date/Time: 15/04/15 13:06:00

Apparently, someone is damaging trees around Strand on the Green by removing bark and cutting into the tree trunks.

The mature tree outside Riverview Homes on the corner of Geraldine Road and Thames Road was cut down last week because of it. There are also trees damaged in Pyrmont Road and at the end of Geraldine Road at the corner of Waldeck Road.

I've seen the tree damaged in Geraldine Road - huge chunks of bark taken off, and there are deep vertical cuts into the trunk. This (apparently) damages the tree to a degree where the sap cannot rise and the tree dies and has to be cut down.

I've no clue who is doing this - or why - but may I please ask that you keep an eye out and if you do spot someone with this bizarre hobby, please ask them to stop! (or get a description perhaps so someone else with the authority to do so can tell them to stop :))

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