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Topic: Re:Re:Cranbrook rd Alert
Posted by: Jane Robb
Date/Time: 12/04/15 12:49:00

Lucy makes a very good point. Sipsmith Distillery have gone out of their way to engage with residents. Their initial reaction to concerns was to change their application for a premise licence from a 1am to 11pm close. Their application was made in response to requests by local businesses and groups to host community events. They don't intend turning Sipsmith into a bar. Further discussions with Sipsmith about litter and noise at night could result in a compromise.
I believe many residents backing onto the site are pleased that this successful business has secured what was an abandoned Fuller's car park with crumbling buildings. It's also a far better option than Fuller's earlier plans to use it as a 24 hour car park for hundreds of their employees or even worse, their beer trucks.

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