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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Cranbrook rd Alert
Posted by: Martine Dismore
Date/Time: 06/04/15 16:11:00

We are not the local action group and we had nothing to do with the Picture house application for a late licence. We did complain though about the filthiness of CHR and I think we got some results. We are just residents living in a quiet residential street and who would like to protect it if they can.
I can only repeat that the distillery is a smashing business to have in Chiswick. They have shown a tremendous hospitality to residents of our street and various residents of the Chiswick community. I understand the support they get and they deserve it. I want them to succeed as well.
But there must be a fair balance between businesses and residents. A closing time of 11pm means that the sale of alcohol will stop at that time but the premises will be open to the public until 11.30pm. Cranbrook Road is the direct link between the distillery and CHR. Our windows are more or less next to the pavement and we are always aware of people walking past our houses. A suggestion that people might be encouraged to use Chiswick Lane won't be enforceable.
What I would personally like is an earlier closing time to these functions, certainly not a complete ban on the sale of alcohol.

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