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Topic: Re:Cranbrook rd Alert
Posted by: Lucy Parsons
Date/Time: 06/04/15 16:21:00

We live on Cranbrook road, and while our garden does not back onto the site, we did receive a lovely card from the brewery explaining their plans.

First of all I think it may be an idea to assertion how many people they are expecting to attend their events, how often, will their be music etc.

Might I suggest you popping in to have a chat with them to discuss any concerns you may have before going in full throttle?

Bottom line is- they are a local business who have (to my knowledge) gone out of their way to reach out to their neighbours and I feel like we should be supporting them rather then going up against them.

I recommend building a good relationship with them so that if you have any issues in future you can go directly to them. Makes for a much better relationship for everyone.

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