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Topic: Cranbrook rd Alert
Posted by: Jeni Evans
Date/Time: 06/04/15 15:20:00

Sipsmith at 83 Cranbrook rd has applied for a licence to hold functions and sell alcohol at their premises initially ending at 1 30am They have now modified the time to 11pm.
Residents backing on to this premises have been sent a letter from Hounslow council in order to object if they wish to do so.
If you do not back onto this business you will not receive this letter.
These functions will involve people walking down Cranbrook rd in large groups late at night.
If you are concerned you must object by 27th April to,Miss Nicola Harbor. E mail.  including your home address in full.
Or write to Environment Department-Licensing.
London Borough of Hounslow
Civic Center
Lampton rd

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