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Topic: Re:Re:Re:9000 watch stolen
Posted by: Antony OBrien
Date/Time: 25/03/15 10:17:00

I left my 300 watch in an open locker in the same gym. It was my own fault but it wasn't on show and id only gone to get a towel. I wanted to bring it to the attention of the gym there was an opportunistic thief about and they reported it to the police.

Some weeks later I got a call from a sympathetic police officer. I was a bit taken aback but thought what a nice gesture. Then when he said it was disgusting a blind man should be taken advantage of like that I realised the problem. My watch was made by Breil... Our friendly constabulary had though it was Braille. He kind of lost interest then..

My mistake was to think because it costs a lot to be a member stuff doesn't get nicked and generally that's true, just not all the time.

Its certainly a nonsense to criticise someone's spend on a watch. For some people having a watch at all is a luxury they cant afford so where do you draw the line? Some spend 30k on watches... its their money!

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