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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:missing puppy
Posted by: Charlotte Kasner
Date/Time: 20/03/15 14:18:00

Dogs have not morphed into wimps, Dan. There has been a great deal of research in the last decade or so into canine cognitive abilities and emotions and a few enlightened owners are beginning to understand and accommodate their dog's needs as well as training them to cope with living in an urban environment.

There are no species of canid that live completely alone (even the "lone wolf"). The domestic dog is hard-wired (or innately adapted to use the genetic term) to being in the company of others and has simply learned to transfer allegiences to humans as well as its own kind.

Unfortunately, some aspects of  dogs' lives have changed for the worse in the last few decades and many are effectively regarded as accessories to trail around like a furry toy. They no longer mostly live in households where someone is at home all day and are often bought without consideration for their need for exercise and stimulation. What little they get is crammed in with going to cafes or shopping etc.

In addition, dogs are, like it or not, commodified. As long as people are fool enough to leave their dog unattended and accessible, be it outside a shop or in a garden, then someone will see the value of stealing it. Likewise, vast numbers of people will buy a dog via a website or a pet shop and fuel the trade in stolen and puppy-farmed dogs.

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