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Topic: Re:Re:Re:JRT Missing from Outside Sainsbury's
Posted by: Charlotte Kasner
Date/Time: 20/03/15 12:41:00

I take my dog with me almost everywhere I go that is appropriate and am immensly grateful for people who provide dog-friendly facilities. He has also been trained to cope with being on his own and is provided with enough stimulus not to feel frustrated both before and while he is unable to accompany me. Even so, I would never leave him unattended in public.

As I posted previously, it is not just the risk of the dog being stolen that should make people think twice about leaving their dog unattended, it is the stress for the dog and the danger that they can injure themselves, cause a nuisance to others or even be injured by someone. There was a post on this site recently documenting a man who had tied his spaniel up outside a shop only to see it being kicked by a cyclist as he emerged. I have often had problems with people feeding my dog without asking as I am walking in the street (really -I just stopped a man from stuffing half a burger down him once!); I am lucky that I (and my dog) then only have to deal with diarrhoea and vomiting and I am not left with a very sick diabetic dog and no access to insulin for instance. The burger by the way had onion on which is toxic to dogs, and I have even had someone try and feed my dog a piece of 70% cocoa solid chocolate which could have proved fatal.

If someone frightens your dog and it snarls or snaps, you are liable and technically, your dog could be seized under the DDA even if no contact was made. Outrageous I know, but enshrined in law.

We need to press for for access to facilities for dog owners including transport, appropriate shops and cafes etc. Actually there is no legal or hygeinic reason why dogs should not be allowed in food shops or restaurants; they are only (rightly) restricted from being in food preparation areas. However, owners should use their common sense and ask if it is really desireable for their dog to be present and either shop at local stalls and dog-friendly shops or make time to exercise their dog separately.

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