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Posted by: Michael Robinson
Date/Time: 24/02/15 09:45:00

The new District line trains and sub-surface line re-signalling are separate projects.  The new "S stock" trains will replace existing District line trains by 2016 while it looks like we'll be lucky to see the District re-signalling complete by 2020 as they haven't even placed the contract yet.

Also TfL were meant to go out to tender for new Piccadilly line trains this month but this has been postponed.  There is speculation that they may be linking this contract with the sub-surface line signalling so maybe the same supplier does both District and Piccadilly line signalling.

All day Piccadilly line stopping at Turnham Green depends on the new Piccadilly line trains and signalling so that is looking like 2025 at the earliest...

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