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Topic: Re:Re:Re:District line - what a joke
Posted by: Thomas Barry
Date/Time: 23/02/15 21:48:00

"If there were as many traffic light failures as there are signal ones"

They're surprisingly common, actually. 52 minutes ago on the TfLTrafficNews Twitter feed:

'The traffic lights on the A41 Finchley Rd/Hendon Way jct (by Petrol Station) are currently stuck. Engineers en route. Approach with care.'

'What is Boris doing about it??'

Putting 60m into a ridiculous, ugly bridge apparently covered in weeds that shuts at 9:30pm, canvassing for Conservative candidates up north, flogging his book, proposing insane road schemes, pocketing quarter of a million quid a year from what's left of the Daily Telegraph and shouting rude things at the Green Party. Nothing really.

Rule One of Boris is that nothing's allowed to damage the image, and as Michael says the selection of a totally untried and unsuitable system in 2011 that wasted a large amount of money and has ended up with TfL trying to negotiate a deal with the only possible supplier (they're presumably pricing it extremely high knowing they've got us over a barrel), is quite embarrassing. I'm surprised and worried that the signalling is already showing signs of being on its last legs four years or so out from the earliest possible replacement date. At least the trains work, but then again Boris didn't order them (or, indeed, any tube trains at all).

The idea of a petition is good (believe me there are plenty of Piccadilly Line users who'd sign up, too), you could ask Caroline Pidgeon of the Lib Dems who often takes pan-London transport issues up on behalf of the public but there's also AFAIK one of the People's Question Time events in Haringey soon if you want to turn up in person. Weirdly, 15 years after the Mayoralty started they've never ever, held one in Hounslow.

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