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Topic: Re:Re:Recycling at Turnham Green Station
Posted by: Rima Jones
Date/Time: 12/02/15 21:27:00

There were other problems with the recycling bins.
It is a very busy traffic area with a cab rank and no parking. A bus route and pedestrian islands. It was difficult for contractors to park and empty the bins. The area behind the bins was used as a public toilet and more and there was the usual fly tipping and a restaurant dumping all their bottles and boxes every day. Nothing left on the ground was recycled. It was cleared away by the street cleaners. The pavement is in Hounslow but the bins were in Ealing which was leading to a great deal of confusion with responsibility for the site. An Ealing litter bin on Hounslows pavement. All residences now have doorstep recycling in both boroughs including flats over shops and blocks of flats so why were they needed anyway. The remaining charity shoe bin is not the councils responsibility. It is rarely emptied and the charity receives just 4.50 pa for it being there with the overflow being saturated and cleared away by the cleaners. The paper bin was crammed with boxes even though it said no cardboard on the front. Also newspapers still in plastic bags. On the whole not at all satisfactory. Hopefully the railings will be reinstated to establish the boundary between the two boroughs and return us to a green and pleasant prospect?

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