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Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 11/02/15 16:48:00

Kidney stonrs are extremely painful.I was taken into hospital in 1993 after collapsing at home.Both my kidneys were severely congested with uric acid stones.I had lithotripsy on both kidneys and was discharged 5 days later. The hospital found I had extremely high uric acid levels in my blood as well as very high calcium levels.They attributed this to my working in tropical heat I was started on Allopurinol tablets to reduce the uric acid, but since that first episode of stones, I have passed over 2000 stones.The most at any one time was 53 small stones.I was in hospital when I passed that amount and the urologist bought his colleagues into see them.They even took photos of the stones.In the end, I had to have 8 lithotripsy procedures to clear the larger stones, but having passed all these stones, that was the beginning of my kidney disease.That and the huge amounts of indomethacin tablets they gave me.Since then, it has been discovered that indomethacin is extremely toxic to kidneys, so that also added to my kidney failure.Anyone suffering with kidney stones has my deepest sympathy.The pain is excruciating

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