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Topic: Re:Parking - Please Help!
Posted by: Richard Jennings
Date/Time: 09/02/15 16:21:00

As far as I know, the only properties on the Glebe Estate where parking permits are not available are in Oak Lock Mews, the little cul-de-sac off Fraser Street opposite the Duke of York.  Planning permission was granted in 2009, but because of the very restricted site close to other houses, a number of conditions were imposed.

Condition 8 says that "no resident of the development shall obtain a resident's parking permit within any controlled parking zone which may be in force in the area at any time", the reason being that the development "is to be car free given the nature and location of the site".

That condition was opposed by some councillors, but a motion to remove the condition was lost by 3 votes to 4 at the Chiswick Area Planning Committee.  The development itself was then approved by 4 votes to 3. (The minutes are at ; the decision notice is at )

"I find this ridiculous as to me, during night and day, there seems to be many, many Parking spaces free across the Glebe Estate."

Well, it varies from day to day, and some parts are more congested than others.  What I find ridiculous is that you have a car, but have managed to move to a property where residents aren't allowed to have parking permits.  It's not that unusual with new developments these days. 

One option might be to sue your solicitor for negligence if he failed to warn you of the planning condition.

Meanwhile you are welcome to park on the Glebe Estate for 17 hours per day.  ;-)

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