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Topic: Parking - Please Help!
Posted by: Mark Loch
Date/Time: 08/02/15 22:00:00

Hi Everyone - new to this forum so any help to the query below would be much appreciated.

We recently moved into the area in the Glebe Estate. Unfortunately however, we have not been granted a Parking Permit by the council and also, on appeal, from the Planning Inspectorate, the reason being that providing a permit "would lead to an unacceptable increase in on street parking demand" and that "car parking is already at a premium." Frankly, I find this ridiculous as to me, during night and day, there seems to be many, many Parking spaces free across the Glebe Estate.

So my question is whether anyone on here has any suggestions as to what options I would have, or any recommendations as to anyone I should speak to locally about looking to appeal this decision.

Finally, does anyone know of anywhere nearby which offers Free Parking so I can park my car somewhere in the meantime?

Thanks very much!!

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