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Topic: Re:Parking - Please Help!
Posted by: Adam Beamish
Date/Time: 08/02/15 23:22:00

Mark - presumably you occupy a property which is subject to a restrictive condition/legal agreement imposed upon a planning permission preventing the Council from issuing you a permit, you applied to the Council to have this condition removed, that was refused and a subsequent appeal to the Planning Inspectorate against that decision also failed ?.

If that is the case, then realistically there's no-one else for you to go in terms of appealing the decision made by the Planning Inspectorate.  The Council's hands are effectively tied by that appeal decision, as in planning terms the Inspectorate is 'god', and the only way you could challenge that decision would be if the Inspector has in some way erred in law in reaching that decision (i.e. you can't challenge a decision simply on the basis that you don't agree with the Inspector's subjective judgement).

Clarification on your circumstances which have led you to this point would help.

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