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Topic: Re:Re:Police Budget Cuts
Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 15/12/14 23:02:00

Hi Loraine
Yeah, I was slightly puzzled by that.When I was at the yard, everyone was under the impression that the building was leased.I remeber in the early 2000's there was a panic on and we thought we would have to move quickly as the lease was coming to an end.Also, I'm not sure why they are moving Scotland Yard to a building on the Embankment that is to small for them.They have already moved a lot of what was in Scotland Yard to Empress State building which is just off the Brompton road.It is the big blue triangular building you can see on the right hand side from the A4 just  before you reach Warwick road going into Central London from Chiswick.Almost all the non operational units were moved into there in about 2004.It would not be practical to house the operational units there, but there again there were not many operational units at the yard anyway.All the 999 calls that used to go into the yard have now been divided between 3 specially built telephony units at Lambeth, Hendon and Bow

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