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Topic: Police Budget Cuts
Posted by: Andy Pease
Date/Time: 15/12/14 19:13:00

A huge cut in budgets is being proposed for the 43 police authorities in Britain.The only way the Metroploitan police will be able to save money will be to make officers redundant.Up until about 10 years ago the Met used to own the things it used.Now everything they use is rented.Savage budget cuts over the last few years have forced the Commissioner to dispose of all the Mets assets to make up for the shortfall in government funding.They have been forced to sell most of the police stations they used to own, and these stations have either remained closed, or local community centres have been set up in shopping centres.The police used to own and service it's own fleet of vehicles.All of these vehicles are now leased.This is maybe one of the good things to come from these funding cuts.In short, the police have nothing else left to cut.The only way they will be able to save money will be to sack experienced officers.This would be a tragedy. There are very few police officers on the street now, it can only get worse.Over recent years, a huge amount of roles that used to be carried out by police officers have been civilianised.This has kept as many officers as possible on the street.But there are no more cuts they can make.I can see a huge recruitment in PCSO's to try to keep the numbers up.The Met have already been recruiting 'specials' heavily in the last couple of years.These are unpaid part time officers.These specials are counted in the numbers released by Boris Johnson.In the Mayors figures the number of specials is thrown in with the number of regular officers and these figures are the ones released to the public So don't think the number of officers released by the Mayors office are full time officers, they are not.At the the specials have the full powers of a regular police officer.The PCSO's don't.They have no powers of arrest.They can only detain someone for 30 minutes for a PC to arrive.Most of the PCSO's in the Met are ex traffic wardens.They simply switched from being Met police traffic wardens to PCSO's.Believe me, if these budget cuts are forced through you will probably never see another police officer.If you think things are bad now, well you ain't seen noghing yet.

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