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Posted by: Elizabeth Ross
Date/Time: 24/11/14 17:51:00

Yes there was some consultation with local residents.

I looked at the proposals and was most unhappy with what was being proposed and went far beyond the basic need to sort out the problems created by cars parking along both sides of the Bath Road mostly on Saturdays.  For the time being the added problems towards the Prebend Gardens end have gone away while the Pentecostal Church is being rebuilt.

The proposals would have seriously damaged the businesses around the tube station as none of them would have been able to accept any deliveries and anyway they are not the problem on Saturdays.

The problem parking definitely needs sorting out and it was ridiculous for the Council to go well beyond what was being requested as It was ill thought out and unnecessarily punitive on the local traders as there is no reasonable.

As a result of this, a lot of money has been wasted for no achievement at all.  I believe that this was the second time that this problem has been looked at and no doubt it will be some years before they can be prevailed upon to do so again.  Why could they not just put in double yellow lines or parking restrictions along the affected part of the road, leave the bus stops as they are and put up Notices restricting the number of taxis allowed to wait off the rank.

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