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Topic: Adding photos to a complaint to Hounslow
Posted by: Andy Murray
Date/Time: 24/11/14 12:26:00

Dear Iris,
I have made some complaints to Hounslow, but mostly to the department in question, or, as Vanessa suggests, via a local Councillor. I checked out the official form on the website, and as you rightly say, it doesn't contain the facility to attach a photo, which to me is a major omission.

If you have a SmartPhone (I think it is configured only for the Apple iPhone), there is the 'Sort It!' App, which seems to be more effective in its latest guise, and covers a lot of street issues, if that happens to be your concern. It is specifically designed to use photos taken on the phone and is quite simple to use. The Council, or rather Hounslow Highways, did respond to my recent complaint (having ignored my first submission in May) and eradicated the graffiti in Whitehall Park Road.

If you can't do that, Councillor Felicity Barwood lives in your street (just round the corner from me), so might be assumed to have an interest in the affairs of your street. She should also ideally take up the issue of changing the online form to include 'add a photo'.

FYI, here's what it says on the LBofH complaints page:
'We received 3,671 complaints (stages 1- 4)  in 2011/12 compared to 3,879 in 2010/11. More than 80 per cent of those were resolved quickly and within ten working days.'

There appears to be no update re: 2012/13 and 2013/14.

There were 34,000 (or was it 43,000?) 'enquiries' (they don't allow you to call them 'complaints') to and about Hounslow Highways between Jan 2013 and the present. 

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