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Posted by: Philippa Bond
Date/Time: 11/11/14 22:46:00

I have seen in other boroughs operatives walking along the street with a wheelie bin and emptying the food waste bins into it.

Besides as I understand it - it is a Health & Safety problem manually lifting bags out of wheelie bins whereas it is not out of ordinary sized dustbins and out of gardens/off streets.  The lorries with special lifting gear are required for the wheelie bins. 

Interestingly more recently I have read that the Government was suggesting that Councils and their residents should be rewarded for better recycling rates - presumably because it has rather belatedly realised that contractors are more interested in putting their own profits ahead of any promised intentions of increasing Councils' recycling rates.  Aren't contractors also being subsidised by Councils to build incineration and recycling facilities?  There seems to be rather a conflict of interest there.

Just walk along behind the black sack waste lorry and you will immediately find out which properties need to be visited by a Recycling Officer and all the operatives will see and know this but does this information ever go any further???

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