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Topic: Re:Re:Wheelie bins wanted!
Posted by: Dan Murphy
Date/Time: 10/11/14 08:08:00

I'm not sure it's an invented excuse.

I am convinced that the private firms who actually contract to do the council's work (Serco for parking; SITA for rubbish collection, etc.) actually do dictate the rules to LBH for how these things are run. And those rules are there to improve the profitability of these contractors, not to provide a better service to residents.

So SITA do insist on a standard collection mechanic for everyone (double lift wheelie bins) as it's easier an cheaper for them. If they allow bin bags, they have to employ more people to deal with them, and hence less profit.

LBH might make up rubbish excuses like rats, foxes, recycling, and so on, but I am sure it's SITA who really call the shots here. We will get what they want.

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