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Topic: Wheelie bins wanted!
Posted by: Matthew Barnard
Date/Time: 09/11/14 18:04:00

I note the recent discussions about the wheelie bins on the Glebe estate and I agree that they are not going to be practical there.

Is it possible for any residents who do not wish to accept the bins to do so but hand them off to other people? Not sure if this is allowed or not.

The reason I ask is that I live in a small gated development of four houses where there is a huge amount of space in front for parking and access (hidden from the street). I have purchased wheelie bins for all 4 houses because they suit our environment but it is difficult to find and transport large ones.

If 8 people accepted them on the Glebe estate who had no intention of using them I could use them on our small estate (we are around the corner).

Just checking.

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