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Topic: Re:Re:Wheelie Bin Backlash News
Posted by: Simon Mark Pickering
Date/Time: 31/10/14 15:48:00

To add to Bobby's comments on options, I have today received the following response from Hounslow's recycling team.

"Thanks for your e-mail below. I have noted your objection on our system.

Before sending out the letters to residents, all roads that were planned to be included on the service were surveyed by Council officers to assess their suitability for a wheeled bin. When the Glebe Estate, including Binns Road, was surveyed it was deemed that there is suitable room for storage and transportation of a 140 litre wheeled bin within the front gardens of the majority of properties.

Unfortunately it is not possible to opt out of wheeled bin collections and place rubbish out in sacks instead. Any rubbish not in a wheeled bin will not be collected in areas where these collections are in place. However, if you wish to share a bin with a neighbour, or can agree with a neighbour that you will place your small amount of rubbish in their bin, then please get in touch to let us know who you will be sharing a bin with and that there is an agreement between you for this to happen.

With regards to making your own arrangements to dispose of your rubbish, this is something you can do. Please note however that this would not result in a change in your Council tax rates as we are still offering you a rubbish and recycling collection service which you are choosing not to use.

The legislation under which we are able to specify collection containers is Section 46 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. This allows waste collection authorities to require the occupier to place the waste for collection in receptacles of a kind and number specified by the authority. The maximum fine that can be levelled for non-compliance is 1000.

I hope this information is useful and if you have any further queries please feel free to get back in touch."

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